Geo-Exchange And Scalable Network Energy Systems For Existing Buildings

We provide geo-exchange systems to existing buildings that radically reduce energy costs, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Our patented installation system ensures no disruption to the continued operation of your building while we install a geo-exchange system beneath it. Geo-exchange is cleaner and more sustainable than traditional energy methods.

We design Network Energy Systems for some of the world’s leading developers. These systems allow for individual projects to connect via low temperature piping which create a pathway to share energy. With this approach, we can dramatically reduce overall energy usage and the associated financial and environmental costs. The technology is completely modular and enables us to connect not only buildings but an array of other energy sources or consumers. In doing so, we can create new utilities to permit the buying and selling of thermal energy.


Advanced Expertise & Visionary Management

Our team of specialist engineers retrofit existing buildings with geo-exchange systems using a patented installation system that does not interrupt the building operation. However, the technology does not stop there:

  • Retrofit Geo-Exchange – reduces the energy footprint and emissions from existing buildings.
  • Network Energy System – expands to create a cooperative energy utility.


Leading Developers, Municipalities & Landowners

We work globally from our base in Vancouver, Canada for some of the top firms in the world.

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