At Fēnix Energy, our mission is simple. To be the top Thermal Energy Assets partner for developers,  municipalities and utilities across North America. To convert mid- to high-rise buildings into assets that harvest, store and trade energy on a district level. To create strategic alliances committed to delivering Thermal Energy Assets at scale.


Most companies can list the values they aspire to have. We can list the values we’ve heard we emanate!


At Fēnix, if the team can’t prove a business case for your solution, they will tell it to you straight. They’re not in it for the sell. They’re in it to deliver a win-win.


The team at Fēnix put people and therefore relationships first. They’ve evolved successful businesses based on their ability to be flexible, innovative and loyal to existing clients. That’s a powerful mix.


Although they’re engineers by trade, the two Directors at Fēnix, Adrian and Edward, have business in the blood. Everything they do is based on a solid business case. That includes commitment to your success and theirs.

Trusted partners

If you tell them they can’t do it, they’ll innovate and partner to make the impossible, possible. They’ve several world firsts because of that drive. Fēnix finds the right partners to make great things happen! That’s powerful collaboration.

Innovative mavericks

Vision and passion. Fēnix Energy’s success is built upon their people, their professionalism and their personalities. They have drive, a can-do attitude and a sense of humor. It’s a winning formula.

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