(EFTO.ca) Headquarters Achieves LEED® Platinum and 71% Reduction in Energy

The new Toronto office of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has officially received LEED® Platinum Certification, the highest environmental standard possible.

“The new office also achieved a Canadian first in geothermal heating and cooling, one which has opened up the possibility of retrofitting older buildings with geothermal systems. Whereas drilling to sink geo-thermal ‘columns’ was only possible before construction began on new buildings, ETFO’s building partners used new technology to bore down 50 storeys from the underground parking garage after a major part of the office had been constructed.

The technology used to achieve this ‘first’ means that older buildings can now be retrofitted with geothermal energy.  The system has achieved a 71% reduction in heating and cooling energy for ETFO, and it also shortened the construction time period.”

Article courtesy of EFTO

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