Fēnix Energy Showcases Technology at VEC & Globe 2016 Site Tour

GLOBE 2016 is North America’s largest and longest-running environmental conference, and this year marks a pivotal point in its 25 year history. On the road from Paris and the COP21 Climate Summit, GLOBE 2016 is when the world will converge, and take real, tangible action to mitigate climate change. Delegates will help shape future markets, test public policy approaches, strike deals, partner, and collaborate.

Over 2,000 delegates, including investors, corporate buyers, and world leaders are lined-up to attend.

March 4

The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) and the City of Vancouver are pleased to showcase some of the innovative solutions that Vancouver’s companies are developing as the City works towards its goal of becoming 100% renewable by 2050 (or sooner), and to become the ‘greenest city in the world’ by 2020. The diverse organizations featured on the Renewable Energy Technology Tour include: Fēnix Energy, General Fusion, and Vancouver’s Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU).

Article courtesy of Vancouver Economic Commission


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