Fēnix Energy Joins Canadian Business Leaders Calling on Government to Spur Investment in Renewables

Fēnix Energy has joined Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada, Desjardins, Analytica Advisors, Mountain Equipment Co-op and over 160 other influential Canadian organisations in calling on the government to extend national carbon tax policies to increase the adoption of clean energy.

The open letter asks federal government to commit to increasing the national carbon tax beyond 2022, apply the tax at the carbon source, and use border tax adjustments to protect Canadian industry. A carbon tax with these features would spur investment in renewables – creating a triple pay-off for the ‘green’ energy sector, the economy, and the environment.

Commenting on the company’s support of the open letter, Edward Smith, Managing Director, Fēnix Energy stated, “It’s widely known that many Canadian clean technologies were developed and tested here only to be brought to market in other countries because those governments had national energy policies encouraging the adoption of clean energy. We have an opportunity to change this by openly asking our government to support a more advanced clean energy framework.” Edward continued, “From a company perspective, we believe strongly in creating a win for the environment and a win for the bottom line. We prove it time and time again with our thermal energy solutions by turning high-rise buildings into energy assets that harvest, store and trade energy. From a national perspective, we also believe that the more we prove the business case for investing in renewables, and set the framework, including carbon taxes, to reinforce this, the faster we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become a world leader in the clean energy economy. It just makes economic and environmental sense!”



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Founded in 2010 with a vision to create the greenest cities across North America one building at a time, Fēnix Energy is growing a reputation among developers, municipalities and utilities for leading the delivery of thermal energy solutions. By upgrading the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems of high-rise buildings (new or old), Fēnix turns developments into Thermal Energy Assets that harvest, store and trade energy. The company’s systems accommodate many thermal tie-ins like water heat recovery, solar, geo-exchange and biomass. Solutions are completely scalable; working for a single building, multiple buildings within a development (Network Energy System®), or across a city (Eco-District). Fēnix Energy helps create a win for the environment and the bottom line; making the business case for investing in renewables an undeniable one.

About Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada

Learn more www. canada.citizensclimatelobby.org/open-letter-lettre-ouverte/

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