Multi-Billion Dollar Projects in USA, on the Books

Fēnix Energy is set to partner and deliver three multi-billion dollar projects in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Washington State, all of which are currently in their pre-construction phase. The projects are large scale, mixed-use residential, commercial and retail developments, with each project entailing up to 10 building towers. The density of these projects make them ideal for Fēnix Energy’s Network Energy System.

We’re looking at the developments and designing a district energy scheme,” says Adrian Ryan, BSc. Eng., LEED® AP, Director at Fēnix Energy. “That will be through a design assist process, construction management, energy analysis and both financial and regulatory consulting.

While Fēnix Energy is not the only provider of geo-exchange technology in the industry, it remains at the forefront by providing a full turnkey solution from installing the ground exchange infrastructure all the way through to the legal and regulatory permissions for commissioning a utility.

By managing the utility for its lifespan, we reduce the risk of ownership for the strata with the mechanical infrastructure and operate it for them,” says Adrian. “It’s an attractive package for new developments compared with traditional energy utilities.

Together with the Fēnix Energy’s Retrofit Geo-Exchange service, network energy systems will help pave the way for more energy efficient buildings in urban and commercial districts worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting projects as they develop in 2016.

Article by Vince Shuley


Posted September 26, 2018
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