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We believe passionately in building an undeniable business case for investing in renewables. We also believe there doesn’t have to be a trade-off when it comes to the economy and the environment. That’s why, since 2010, the team at Fēnix has been making waves in the clean technology and green engineering spaces by creating Thermal Energy Assets for developers, utilities and municipalities that harvest, store and trade energy. Completely scalable, our solutions work for a single building, multiple buildings within a development (Network Energy System®), or across a city (Eco-District). It’s an incredibly strong pitch for any business person. And it’s a call for commercial real estate owners across North America to release the untapped potential in their buildings. Our solutions create simple, sustainable, returns. Who doesn’t want a win for their bottom-line and a win for the environment!

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Fēnix Energy – Creating Thermal Energy Assets from your property portfolio

Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd. testimonial 

CBC News Canada features Fēnix Energy’s world first geo-exchange retrofit

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