Fēnix Designed Energy District Morphs Master Planned Community into Massive Thermal Energy Asset

Green energy innovator Fēnix Energy (Fēnix) has partnered with an award winning multinational developer to design, build and operate a new thermal Network Energy System® across a high-rise development spanning 12 acres. When complete, the 4 million square feet mixed-use development in the heart of Burnaby, BC will be powered by an innovative system that harvests and reuses the thermal energy of its buildings; creating an asset that provides sustained economic and environmental returns.

We believe buildings have untapped potential,” commented Adrian Ryan, Director, Business Development. “The conventional way of developing commercial real estate portfolios was to invest in ‘business as usual’ mechanical systems within buildings. The ‘Fēnix approach’ is to partner with developers and utilities to deliver high-grade energy infrastructure, enabling clients to harvest, store and trade thermal energy. By analyzing the projected energy consumption of high-rise buildings and mixed-use developments, we prove a business case, finance, deliver and operate complete Thermal Energy Assets,” Adrian continued. “With cities on the frontline of the climate change struggle, imagine the potential we can release by greening our buildings to ensure they provide perpetual returns,” he concluded.



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Founded in 2010 with a vision to create the greenest cities across North America one building at a time, Fēnix Energy is growing a reputation among developers, municipalities and utilities for leading the delivery of thermal energy solutions. By upgrading the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems of high-rise buildings (new or old), Fēnix turns developments into Thermal Energy Assets that harvest, store and trade energy. The company’s systems accommodate many thermal tie-ins like water heat recovery, solar, geo-exchange and biomass. And solutions are completely scalable; working for a single building, multiple buildings within a development (Network Energy System®), or across a city (Eco-District). Fēnix Energy helps create a win for the environment and the bottom line; making the business case for investing in renewables an undeniable one.

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