Our solutions build significant business cases for investing in energy systems. Fēnix Energy’s projects are driven by financial proforma, through an iterative development process that leverages our technical expertise and construction experience.

We ensure the analysis is integrated with the building system, enhancing the overall business case.

Components of our delivery process fit into the Design, Build, Own, Operate framework. Our in-house professionals – including project developers, analysts, engineers, builders and operators – give us the ability to execute turnkey solutions.




Solo District Energy System, Burnaby, BC (Canada)


Energy Asset Investment

Working directly with our clients, we guide a transparent process to optimize a business case for the thermal energy system for purchase by Fēnix Energy.

This involves multiple steps that includes conducting a detailed financial analysis, navigating regulatory requirements, and designing a utility-grade energy system.

A partnership with Fēnix Energy maximizes the combined know-how, skill-sets, and project delivery experience to capitalize on an opportunity.

Consulting Services

We offer a broad range of consulting services that can be specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, including:

  • Thermal energy asset development through a Design, Build, Own and Operate model

  • Financial modeling and asset financing.

  • Feasibility assessment, business case development and regulatory work.

  • Comprehensive energy management, including designing, commissioning, metering and optimising.

  • Project contracting and construction management.

  • Energy asset administration and system operation optimization.